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Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting

Increase the visibility of outdoor spaces for employees, customers, and pedestrians, while also providing additional security with landscape lighting.

Threaded-Mount Lighting

Screw these threaded-mount lights onto a pipe, post, or other mount of desired height for a focused beam of light where you need it.

Wall & Ceiling Mount Lighting

These fixtures mount directly to a wall, ceiling, or flat surface for general lighting over a large area. They have one or more light heads that can be moved to direct light where needed, such as in dark corners, areas of high employee or customer traffic, or to highlight architectural or landscape features.

Stake-Mount Lighting

Drive these stake-mount lights into the ground for a focused beam of light to illuminate paths, walkways, or driveways. The sharp stake connected to the base creates added stability to keep the fixture in place, and allows it to be easily moved or repositioned.

Step Lighting

Designed to mount in shallow spaces, use these fixtures to light individual steps or stairways for added safety and decorative illumination.

Deck Lighting

Mount these solar-powered deck lights on railings, stairs, or posts for broad, ambient lighting rather than spotlighting to increase overall visibility and safety of the space.

Flagpole Spotlights

Clamp these spotlights around a flagpole or other similar structure to direct light at a flag or other item you want to highlight.