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Miniature Bulbs

Miniature Bulbs

Use these miniature light bulbs in small, compact spaces, such as in lighted equipment, flashlights, task lights, signs, aircrafts, display cases, and medical instruments.


Commonly used in commercial, residential, and decorative lighting, incandescent bulbs provide a warm, natural light and are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They emit light by heating the filament inside the bulb, making them less energy efficient than other bulbs, but allowing them to turn on instantly without waiting to heat up. Incandescent bulbs can be used with control devices such as dimmers and timers.

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Use these miniature LED bulbs when you need bright light in small, confined spaces, such as in projectors, small appliances, medical instruments, and switchboards. They have a longer life expectancy than other bulbs, use less energy than incandescent bulbs, and produce very little heat. LEDs are generally more durable than other bulbs, withstanding temperature changes, vibration, and humid environments, making them an excellent choice for most industrial, commercial, and residential uses. Unlike CFL bulbs, LEDs are mercury free and do not require time to warm to up.

T1 3/4

T3 1/4




A good choice when the bright light output of LED bulbs isn't required, use these miniature halogen bulbs in light boxes, switchboards, and small appliances. Similar in design to an incandescent bulb, these bulbs add halogen to help prevent the darkening of the glass that often occurs in standard incandescent bulbs. Halogen also helps to extend the life of the bulb, but typically gets hotter than incandescent bulbs.

T3 Bulb Shape

T3 1/4 Bulb Shape

T3 1/2 Bulb Shape

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Characterized by an orange-red glow, neon bulbs provide a high level of visible light, withstand vibration and shock, can be used in frequent on/off cycling applications, and are energy efficient. They are commonly used as indicators in appliances and electronic equipment.