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Chain, Cable, & Wire Rope Lubricants

Chain, Cable, & Wire Rope Lubricants

Protect the critical components on conveyors, hoists, and other pulling and lifting mechanisms. These lubricants penetrate deep into the crevices and strands of chain, cable, and wire rope to minimize friction and corrosion.

For Chain

Protect drive chains using these lubricants that penetrate chain drive pins, bushings, and plates.

High Adhesion

High Temperature

Extreme Pressure

Food Grade

High-Temperature Food Grade

Low-Temperature Food Grade

Metal-Detectable Food Grade

For Chain & Wire Rope

Reduce friction and protect interior strands of wire rope from corrosion using these penetrating and coating lubricants.


General Purpose

Extreme Pressure

Low Temperature


General Purpose


Chainsaw Bar & Chain

Reduce wear, heat, and friction on chain saw bars and chains. These lubricants will adhere to the chain even at high rotational speeds.

General Purpose

Low Temperature

Build-Up Resistant

Cable & Wire Pulling

Minimize friction caused by pulling wires through conduit or other tight spaces. Reduced friction can help prevent damage to the wire or wire jacket.

General Purpose

Easy Clean

Low Friction

Low Friction & Low Residue

Low Friction with Micro Beads

Ultra-Low Friction

High-Temperature & Water-Resistant