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Constant-Level Oilers & Accessories

Constant-Level Oilers & Accessories

Reduce wear on moving parts by using these oilers to maintain a constant level of lubricant in sumps and oil baths. By replenishing oil in a machine's sump when it falls below a set level, these oilers help keep machinery operating properly and efficiently. Their clear reservoir allows you to check the oil supply at a glance and refill when needed. Oilers are commonly used on equipment where friction, misting, and evaporation causes oil loss, such as in pumps, fans, motors, and gearboxes.

Oilers for Vented Systems

These vented oilers bring in surrounding air to equalize pressure in sumps and provide reliable operation in clean, dust-free settings. They feature adjustable level settings and can be connected on the side or bottom of the unit for mounting versatility.

Plastic Bowl

Glass Bowl

Oilers for Closed Systems

Block out dirt, dust, moisture, and other contaminants from sump oil with these closed-system oilers. Since they don't vent to surrounding air, they maintain oil quality to help prolong the life of machinery in paper mills, coal plants, cement plants, and other dirty environments.


Centerline Mount

Wire Guards

Safeguard your oiler's reservoir from damage with these wire guards. They form a protective cage around the reservoir that shields against flying debris and impacts, but still allows a clear view of the oil level.