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Dry Film & Powder Lubricants

Dry Film & Powder Lubricants

Provide a solid coat of lubricant that holds up under extreme conditions such as high heat or high pressure. These films and powders reduce friction between moving surfaces and are usually applied by spraying, wiping, or dipping. They are commonly used in military and aerospace applications, as well as providing dry lubrication in locks, air compressors, and bearings.

General Purpose

Graphite or PTFE fast-drying lubricants produce a dry film that will not attract dust. Use these lubricants on a wide range of parts, including gears, bearings, slides, and hinges.


Graphite — Water Based Formula

Graphite — Quick Drying


High Temperature

Use these graphite-based spray lubricants in high-temperature environments, such as ovens, motors, and rollers and gears.


Extreme Pressure

Lubricate parts under extreme pressure to reduce friction in high-load applications, such as motors, gears, and conveyor chains.

Molybdenum Disulfide


Food Grade

These food-grade silicone lubricants are suitable for use on food-processing equipment.