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Grease Fitting Tools &  Accessories

Grease Fitting Tools & Accessories

Help install, maintain, and replace grease fittings with these various tools.

Adapters & Elbows

Use these fittings to adapt grease fittings threads to a different tapped hole size or mount them at different angles for maximum accessibility.



Thread Adapter

Thread Adapter Elbow

Grease Fitting Tools

Keep grease flowing freely in your fittings by using these tools to clean out clogs, remove damaged fittings, or prevent new fittings from breaking during installation. Use with bearings, control arms, joints, and other grease fittings

Multipurpose Extraction Tool

Grease Fitting Cleaner

Quick-Identification Washers

Place these color-coded washers under grease fittings to make it easy to identify the type of lubricant being used in your equipment and avoid costly cross-contamination mistakes.

For Grease Fitting Thread Size 1/8 NPT

For Grease Fitting Thread Size 1/4"-28

Thread Testers

Quickly determine the thread size of grease fittings using these gauges. They work with both SAE and metric fittings.