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Grease Gun Replacement Parts & Accessories

Grease Gun Replacement Parts & Accessories

Improve grease dispensing efficiency and maintain grease guns with these items.

Couplers & Adapters

Use these couplers and adapters to modify your grease gun for dispensing in tight spaces and other applications.


Straight Extension

Straight Swivel

Right-Angle Extension

Low-Profile Right-Angle Extension

Right-Angle 180° Swivel Extension

Right-Angle 360° Swivel Extension



Right Angle

Low-Profile Right Angle

Right-Angle 360° Swivel

5/8 in Button Head

7/8 in Button Head

Pin Type



Right Angle

Straight Injector


Hose & Extensions

Grease gun hose and extensions are flexible and connect the grease gun to the point of lubrication. They come in various materials for standard and heavy duty operations. Tubes are rigid and are best used with lever-style guns, which require both hands to pump. The hose is ideal for hard-to-reach spots and can be maneuvered more easily than the tubes.

Flexible Hose

High-Durability Flexible Hose

Kink-Free Flexible Hose

Kink-Free High-Durability Flexible Hose

Flexible Hose/Rigid Tube

Rigid Tube

Accessory Kits

A variety of grease gun accessories such as hose, couplers, and adapters are available in these kits.

Clear-View Replacement Barrels

Replace the barrel of a grease gun to hold cartridge or bulk-loaded grease. These barrels are clear, so you can easily gauge how much and which type of grease is in your cordless gun.

For Clear-View Grease Guns

For DeWalt Grease Guns

For Milwaukee Grease Guns

Bulk Loading Fittings

These bulk loading fittings attach to grease guns and allow you to add grease from drums and other large containers.

Mounting Clamps

Mount most standard grease guns so you can easily reach them with these clamps.

Grease Meters

Give bearings the proper amount of grease to prevent underfilling or overfilling, which can cause equipment damage and service interruptions. The gauge shows exactly how much grease is going in.


Clamp these lights to your gun to Illuminate surfaces when adding grease to bearings.

Warming Bags

Keep grease warm so it flows better in cold temperatures. These portable heat bags have a standard 12-volt DC vehicle plug and include a thermostat to prevent overheating.