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Grease Pump Accessories

Grease Pump Accessories

Keep pumps working properly and expand their capabilities with these items. They include replacement parts and accessories such as control valves, drum covers, and pump followers.

Grease Dispensing Guns

Also known as control valves, these pistol-grip grease guns help regulate output when used with high-pressure, air-powered grease pumps.

Standard Valve

Standard Valve with Digital Meter

High-Volume Valve

Booster Valve

Booster with Pressure Release Valve

Swivel Fittings

Access hard-to-reach areas and help prevent hose kinking with these swivel fittings.

Straight Swivel

Male Inlet X Male Outlet

Right Angle Swivel

Female Inlet X Male Outlet

Male Inlet X Male Outlet

Universal Swivel

Female Inlet X Male Outlet

Male Inlet X Male Outlet

Grease Flow Meters

Measure grease output to help make sure your fittings receive the correct amount of grease to avoid damaging sensitive components. These flow meters attach to a grease gun and gauge grease as it passes to minimize overfilling and underfilling.

Grease Reel Kits

Access lubrication points near and far in your facility with these hose reels. They mount to walls, ceilings, or benches and have a retracting mechanism for easy clean-up. These kits also include an oil-dispensing gun with digital meter as well as a swivel fitting to prevent hose kinks.

Drum Covers

Attach these drum covers to open-top grease containers to keep out dust and debris and to provide a mounting surface for air-powered grease pumps.

5 gal

55 gal

Follower Plates

Level out thick grease in your containers with these follower plates to improve dispensing efficiency. They also scrape the side of the container as you pump to force out trapped air and ensure all grease is used.