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Hydraulic Oils

Hydraulic Oils

In addition to lubricating internal parts, these oils also transfer power throughout hydraulic machinery. They have high viscosity and thermal stability as well as good anti-wear and anti-stick properties that allow them to perform both jobs.

For Industrial & Mobile Equipment

Use these oils to help power heavy mobile equipment as well as hydraulic systems used in machining, metalworking, and other industrial applications.


Mobil DTE

Mobil DTE 10

Mobil DTE 24

Mobil DTE 25

Mobil DTE 26

Mobil EAL 224H

Mobil HF


Food Grade

Suitable for use with hydraulic food processing equipment, these lubricants have been certified by the National Sanitary Foundation (NSF) and meet H1 classifications for incidental contact with food.


Mobil DTE FM

Petrochem Foodsafe

Biodegradable Zinc-Free

These fluids provide wear resistance without the inclusion of the zinc commonly found in other oils making them suitable for hydraulic systems operating in environmentally sensitive areas, such as forests, mines, and marine facilities. In the event of a discharge, these oils will naturally break down.



For Portable Hydraulic Pumps

Formulated for powered and handheld portable hydraulic pumps, these fluids protect seals and moving parts from wear and help prevent corrosion and deposits. They also meet Enerpac hydraulic pump specifications.

For Hand Pumps

For Power Pumps

For Jacks

These oils are specially formulated to promote optimal performance and resist oxidation, foaming, and rust in hydraulic-powered jacks.

Hydraulic Jack Oil — Mineral Oil

Hydraulic Jack Oil with Leak Stop — Mineral Oil

For Tractors

These general purpose fluids provide power for hydraulic systems in tractors and other large equipment. They can also be used in transmissions, brakes, and power steering systems.

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