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Oil Pump Accessories

Oil Pump Accessories

Ensure accurate and effective dispensing with your oil pumps with these accessories.

Oil Dispensing Guns

Pump lubricant into vehicles, storage containers, reservoirs, and other destinations using these air-powered dispensing guns. Choose a gun with a meter to monitor oil flow.

Dispensing Gun

Dispensing Gun with Analog Meter

Dispensing Gun with Digital Meter

Drip-Free Nozzles for Dispensing Guns

Avoid oil drips by threading these nozzles tightly onto the outlet tube or hose of a dispensing gun. They have a manual shut-off valve for safe operation.

Oil Flow Meters

Thread these meters onto your oil line or dispensing gun to get an accurate reading on flow. They display various units of measure, including pints, quarts, gallons, and liters.

Digital meters have batch, reset total, and general total functions.

Mechanical Digit Analog Meter

LCD Digital Meter

Swivel Fittings

Access hard-to-reach areas and help prevent hose kinking with these swivel fittings.

Oil Reel Kits

Access lubrication points near and far in your facility with these hose reels. They help you comply with safety regulations, prolong equipment life, and boost operational efficiency. A retracting mechanism allows for easy clean-up. Mount the reels to walls, ceilings, or benches. Kits also include oil-dispensing gun with digital meter as well as a swivel fitting to prevent hose kinks.

Oil Spigots

Use oil spigots to distribute lubricants from air-powered oil transfer pumps. They are designed for drip-free operation, have a spring-loaded mechanism, and can be locked for added security.