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Oil Skimmers

Oil Skimmers

Remove oil floating on a liquid's surface by installing an oil skimmer. They pass a belt, tube, or disk across the liquid's surface to capture oil for removal. Skimmers are commonly used in wastewater, food processing, steel mill, and outdoor pond settings.

Belt Skimmers

These skimmers use a belt with a wide surface area to attract and capture oil. Belt skimmers require vertical access to the sump.

Elastomer Belt

Polyethylene Belt

Polyurethane Belt

Stainless Steel Belt

Tube Skimmers

Remove oil with a tube oil skimmer, which uses a continuous length of tubing floating on the water's surface to attract oil. The oil is removed as the tubing is pulled through a wiper disc on the skimmer. Tube skimmers are frequently used in small spaces, and can be mounted on a sump's side.

Disk Skimmers

Disk skimmers are designed to process heavy oil loads. They have a disk that rotates to collect oil and a wiper blade that removes the oil from the disk.

Skimmer Parts & Accessories

Replace broken or worn oil skimmer components with these belts, blades, and tubes.



Wiper Blades


Tramp Oil Diverters

Mounting Plates