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Sawing Fluids

Sawing Fluids

Improve cutting performance and life for tools such as band saws and circular saws by reducing friction. These coolants are available as a concentrated fluid as well as a straight fluid for near-dry machining.



Commonly used in flood and mist systems to reduce friction and improve the life and performance of cutting tools, these fluids need to be diluted with water prior to use.

Lenox — Band-Ade Series

Lenox — Saw Master Series

Rustlick — PowerSaw Series

Near Dry

Near Dry

Also known as minimum quantity lubrication or microdrop, these lubricants are highly effective in small amounts. Generally used in bandsawing applications, they are dispensed by special systems that spray a precisely measured mist directly onto a saw's cutting edge. This minimal use reduces the waste and disposal needs associated with other lubricants.

Lenox — C/AI Series

Lenox — Lenox Lube Series