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Hex-Shank Drill Bits

Hex-Shank Drill Bits

The shank's hexagonal shape provides maximum surface contact with a drill chuck, preventing the bit from slipping in the chuck and allowing high torque transmission. Drill bits with a hex shank can be inserted into a standard 3-jaw drill chuck or a drill chuck specifically designed for hex shanks.

Carbide Tipped for Thermoplastics

Designed for drilling into fiberglass or composite poles, cross arms, supports, and braces with a hollow center, these carbide tipped tools provide a strong, wear-resistant cutting edge. These bits are often used for dry drilling.

Carbide Tipped

Spiral, 90 ° Point Angle



These sets contain hex-shank drill bits in a range of sizes for creating different-sized holes.

Black Oxide — High Speed Steel

Parabolic Flutes, 135 ° Split Point