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Straight-Flute Carbide Drill Bits for Hard Materials

Straight-Flute Carbide Drill Bits for Hard Materials

Carbide drill bits with straight flutes provide more strength than spiral-flute drill bits when drilling into hard and abrasive materials, but they require rigid toolholding. Bits that offer greater than 2xD drilling have coolant-through holes on the bit to allow coolant to flow to the tip to prevent overheating and seizing when drilling at higher speeds.

For Universal Use

These drill bits are suitable for drilling into a range of materials, including stainless steel, cast iron, and heat-resistant steel alloys.

Non Coolant-Through, 140 ° Conventional Point

2xD Dp x Dia Ratio


Wire Gauge


These sets contain drill bits in different sizes for creating a range of holes.

Non Coolant-Through Through Coolant, 120 ° Point Angle