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Accessories for Bulk Trucks

Accessories for Bulk Trucks

Customize bulk trucks to meet your facility's needs with these accessories. Protect truck contents with lids and covers, provide workers with easy access to loads by installing spring lifts, prevent damage to trucks and walls by adding bumpers, and replace worn baskets.

Lids for Tilt and Cube Trucks

Protect contents of your tilt or cube trucks without reducing capacity with these dome-shaped lids.

Hinged for Tilt Trucks

Hinged for Cube Trucks

Elastic Covers for Cube & Basket Trucks

Conceal the contents of your cube or basket truck during storage and transport by stretching these elastic vinyl covers over the edges. Covers are black, UV resistant, and easy to clean with mild detergent.

Easy-Access Spring Lifts for Cube & Basket Trucks

Bring the contents from the bottom of a cube or basket truck to a convenient height for retrieval by installing these spring lifts. As the truck's load weight decreases, the spring lift raises the platform and truck contents higher. This makes the contents easier to reach, which helps reduce user fatigue.

Corner Bumpers for Basket Trucks

Help prevent damage to the corners of your basket truck while also protecting your walls, doorways, and other structures in your facility from accidental scratches or marring with these slide-on corner bumpers.

Replacement Baskets for Basket Trucks

Make your basket truck look like new again by replacing the worn-out removable basket liner.

Replacement Bag for Space-Saving X-Frame