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Bubble & Padded Mailers

Bubble & Padded Mailers

Protect small products during shipping with these padded envelopes that absorb more shock and rough handling than standard envelopes. They are commonly used as an alternative to boxes for flat, rigid items.

General Purpose Paper Bubble Mailers

Ideal for items that need some protection but are not so delicate that they require a box with bubble wrap, these paper-style bubble-lined mailers are lighter, less expensive to ship, and faster to pack and seal than using a cardboard box.

Heavy Duty Recycled Paper Mailers

Made entirely of paper, these strong, thick mailers contain extra paper cushioning inside the walls for more strength and rigidity than paper-style bubble mailers. They are commonly used for rigid items with sharp corners such as books and DVDs.

Tear & Water Resistant Polyethylene Bubble Mailers

Made of polyethylene and reinforced with a bubble wrap cushioning, these mailers provide an extra layer of protection over paper bubble-lined mailers. The outside polyethylene layer adds water and tear resistance while also providing an easier-to-read surface than paper mailers for writing addresses and warnings.