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Chair & Table Carts

Chair & Table Carts

Move and store folding tables or stackable chairs with these specially designed two- and four-wheeled carts. They are used in event centers, schools, and other facilities with temporary furniture needs.

Carts for Folding Chairs

Made of sturdy steel, these trucks are configured for either horizontal or vertical storage and transportation of folding chairs.

Horizontal Orientation

Vertical Orientation

Hanging Racks for Folding Chairs

Store and transport folding chairs in a compact space by hanging them by their bottom rails from the posts on these rack-style carts.

Hanging Rack

Hanging Rack with Coat Rails

Carts for Folding or Stacking Chairs

Able to accommodate both vertically-oriented folding or stacking chairs, these steel-framed trucks have support rails that allow both types of chairs to be safely stored or transported.

Carts for Stacking Chairs

Transport stackable chairs by securing them in the sturdy frame of these carts.



Carts for Rectangular Tables

Stack rectangular folding tables horizontally for transport on these long-framed durable steel carts.

Carts for Round Tables

The tubular frame and cutout cradle vertically stacked round tables to keep them from rolling while the cart is moving. The handle is extendable to accommodate different table diameters.