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Choose-A-Stem Casters

Choose-A-Stem Casters

Choose the right caster and mount for your application by pairing these light duty, dual wheel casters with a stem or plate mount. Good for chairs, office furniture, carts, and retail displays.


The twin wheel design of these casters distributes weight evenly and provides more load support than a single wheel of the same diameter and material. Nylon wheels are typically used for carpeted surfaces, since their hard material won't grab or snag carpeting during transport. Polyurethane casters are softer than nylon, so they're less likely to leave marks, cause wear, or otherwise damage hard flooring.

Open Wheel

Black Nylon Tread

Black Polyurethane Tread


Black Nylon Tread

Black Polyurethane Tread

Mounting Stems for Casters

All mounts have a stem on one end that press fits into the caster and allows it to swivel. Select from 4 attachment styles for the other end of the mount. Stem style mounts generally need less space for mounting than plate mounts, and are typically for lighter weight applications than plate mounts. Plate mounts are often used for heavier applications than stem mounts, and provide some added stability.

Plate mounts have a plate that bolts or screws on to provide a stable base. Threaded stem mounts either screw into a threaded socket or fit through a hole to be secured on the other side with a nut. Friction ring stem mounts have a spring ring at the end of the stem that expands to hold firmly against the walls of a socket or drilled hole. Grip neck stem mounts install into a special socket which locks onto the head at the end of the stem.

Plate Mount

2 1/4 in x 1 1/16 in Mount Hole Centers

Threaded Mount

5/16"-18 Thread

3/8"-16 Thread

1/2"-13 Thread

Friction Ring Mount

38 in Stem Dia

716 in Stem Dia

Grip Neck Mount

516 in Stem Dia