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Floor Locks

Floor Locks

As an alternative to caster-mounted brakes, floor locks are pedal-operated stops that can be mounted between the swivel casters of carts, mobile racks, or other wheeled equipment to keep the item stationary through friction between the load and floor. The extended height of the lock should exceed the mount height of your casters by 1/16" to 1/4". When retracted, the locks provide sufficient clearance to move your load.

General Purpose

Secure carts and rolling equipment with these floor locks. Choose the lock that is compatible with your caster height.

Standard Duty with Dual Side Release Bars — Steel

Standard Duty with Dual Side Release Pedals — Steel

Heavy-Duty with Single Side Release Pedal — Steel

Adjustable Height

Adjust the height on these versatile locks to make them compatible with several different caster heights, as well as ensuring a secure hold even when the pad begins to wear. Turn the foot pad to get the right height. The foot pad also has suction cups on the bottom for a strong hold.


Stainless Steel

High-Durability Non-Marking Pad

Secure rolling carts and equipment without the worry of scuffing or marring the floor. They have durable polyurethane pads that offer more abrasion resistance than rubber, helping to reduce wear and tear.


Low Profile

An excellent choice for rolling equipment with low ground clearance, these low-profile floor locks have a low retracted height for easily moving equipment when they're not locked.


Side Mount

Mount these versatile locks on the side of equipment when standard bottom-mount locks won't work. Use the spring-loaded lever to engage and release the lock. Pad travel is 2" but mount with 1 1/4" ground clearance for best results.


Stainless Steel