Forklift Accessories

Forklift Accessories

Keep forklifts operating smoothly and safely by upgrading and replacing worn components as needed.


Upgrade or replace your worn forklift seats. All have an adjustable backrest.




Add or replace a seat belt to maintain a safe operating environment. Mounting hardware is included.

Black Automatically Retractable Nylon Webbing Belt

Orange Automatically Retractable Nylon Webbing Belt


Keep an eye on the area around your forklift with these forklift mirrors. They provide a wide field of vision to the rear and side of forklifts when preparing to travel in reverse.

Rectangular Lens Shape

Dome Lens Shape


Help maintain safe forklift operation and increase visibility with the proper headlights, warning lights, and signaling lights.

Fork Covers

Protect delicate surfaces from being marred or scratched during transport. The covers easily slide onto your forklift forks and secure with clips. They are made of durable nylon webbing.

Safety Bumpers

Attach bumpers to potential impact points on your forklift to help protect the forklift, your facility, and the loads you carry from impact damage. Bumpers include 2 magnets for mounting on metal surfaces, 2-way tape for non-metal surfaces, and fork brackets.