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Hand Truck Accessories

Hand Truck Accessories

Enhance the utility of your hand truck with these accessories including nose plate and frame extensions, accessory bags, and stair climbing glides.

Base Plate Extensions

Upgrade your hand truck to accommodate larger cargo by installing a base plate extension, also known as a nose plate extender. It folds up when not in use to save space.



Frame Height Extensions

Extend the vertical height of your hand truck frame to allow for the transportation of tall or vertically stacked items with these frame extensions.

Chair Moving Attachments

Transport folding chairs by installing this attachment onto your compatible hand truck with the included mounting rods and cotter pins. Good for conference centers and schools, the folding chair attachment can be removed when you need your hand truck for standard duties.

Deck Plates

For use with convertible hand trucks, these detachable deck plates provide a solid surface when transporting materials in the horizontal position, providing a stable base and support for small items that are narrower or shorter than the hand truck's frame.

Shelf Kits

Add a durable, carpet-covered shelf to a compatible convertible hand truck when in the horizontal position to provide a padded, slip-resistant second platform for transporting items. The shelves are made of plywood with tubular steel supports and collapse into two pieces for easier storage. Use the included mounting fasteners with the drilled pairs of holes in your truck handle to position the shelf at the correct height.

Stair Climbers

Attach stair climbers to the rear of your hand truck's frame to help you maneuver up stairs and curbs. They have a sloped design and wear strips that help provide leverage to ascend and descend safely and efficiently with less required lifting force.

Storage & Accessory Bags

Strap these bags to the back of most hand truck frames to provide a convenient storage space for tools, paperwork, and other accessories to help streamline transportation and delivery tasks. Straps are adjustable to fit most frames.

Caster Brakes for Convertible Hand Trucks

Replace worn brakes or upgrade your current hand truck with these field-installable brakes. They attach to the swivel casters of compatible convertible hand trucks to keep them stationary in a horizontal or vertical configuration.