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Heat-Activated Shrink Wrap Films

Heat-Activated Shrink Wrap Films

Secure loose items, keep uneven or misshapen items packed tight, and protect items against dust, dirt, and other small particles during storage or shipping using these heat-activated films. Once the item is wrapped, apply heat using a heat gun for oversized items or a shrink wrap machine for smaller items to shrink the wrap around the product.

General Purpose Shrink Film

Wrap packages in this general purpose shrink film and then apply heat to create a protective seal around the product.

Clear — Centerfold

0.75 mil Thickness

1 mil Thickness

Heavy Duty Shrink Film for Large Equipment

Create a waterproof cover that offers UV protection for up to 9 months for outdoor equipment and machinery using this heavy duty film. Made of polyethylene, this durable film is both puncture and tear resistant.

Shrink Tubing

Quickly create a shrink-wrap bag of any length using this film that is pre-sealed on both sides and can be cut to your desired size. Slide your item in between the layers of the wrap, then heat seal the ends of the bag for a secure, custom fit.


Shrink Bands

Add an extra layer of protection to deli-style containers with these tamper-evident shrink-wrap seals. These preformed seals fit 4-, 8-, 12-, 16-, 24-, and 32-ounce containers with 4 5/8" diameter round lids, and are rounded to easily fit around the container.