Lab & Specimen Mailers

Lab & Specimen Mailers

Provide a safe and protective environment for slides, test tubes, and other lab supplies while in transit using these specially-designed lab mailers for nonhazardous materials.

Specimen Bottle Mailers

Protect sensitive materials in storage and transit using these containers. They include an inner bottle that is inserted into a fiberboard tube with a metal screw-on cap, helping to reduce leakage.

For Plastic Bottles (Included)

For Plastic or Glass Bottles (Not Included)

Test Tube Mailing Kits

Quickly package lab specimens with a collection of shipping products already assembled for you including inner cartons, shipping boxes, and packing instructions.

Test Tube Inserts & Mailing Sleeves

Designed for a snug fit around test tubes, these molded foam shippers help prevent breakage during transit.

Foam Insert for Test Tubes

Mailing Sleeve for Insert

Slide Mailers

Slide fragile glass lab slides into these secure cases to help reduce shifting and breaking that can occur during shipping.

Flip-Top Slide Mailer

Side-Open Slide Mailer

End-Opening Slide Mailer