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Lifting Attachments

Lifting Attachments

Choose from different forklift attachments for versatile options when lifting, transporting, and positioning materials around your facility. All have pockets for attaching to forklifts.


Also known as fork beams, these attachments connect to one or both forks of your forklift to convert them into hooks for vertical lifting or positioning of loads that may be otherwise difficult to move by forklift. The hooks can be attached to slings or other lifting points on loads.

Single-Fork with Swivel Hook

Double-Fork with Swivel Hook


Extend the reach of your forklift to lift and transport long materials or bulky loads that require clearance away from your truck with these booms. They telescope in 1 foot increments and include 2 repositionable lifting hooks as well as a security chain with grab hook to ensure a secure connection to the forklift.

Telescoping Forklift Boom — Up to 12 ft Reach

Telescoping Pivoting Forklift Boom — Up to 12 ft Reach & Up to 6 ft 4 in Height


Slide these rams into the centers of rolled materials such as carpeting or into pipes to lift and maneuver them around your facility. These long, pole-like attachments connect to the forks and come with a safety chain to secure them to the forklift.