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Lifting Dollies

Lifting Dollies

Roll these low-profile mobile platforms under desks or cabinets in order to move them without needing to unload their contents. Lift your load with a lever, and keep it secured with the gravity lock bar system. Intended for use on firm, level surfaces, these dollies should not be used to lift people or to lift loads above people.

Standard Duty for Furniture

Easily slide the low-profile platform under desks and other furniture and lift up with the included lever handle. The gravity lock bar system keeps the platform elevated when the lever is not attached during transport.

2 12 in Caster Diameter — 5 in Lowered Height & 9 34 in Raised Height

3 in Caster Diameter — 5 12 in Lowered Height & 10 14 in Raised Height

3 12 in Caster Diameter — 5 12 in Lowered Height & 10 34 in Raised Height

4 in Caster Diameter — 6 in Lowered Height & 11 14 in Raised Height

Lifting Attachments for Standard Duty

Raise the contact point of your dolly's lifting surface with these attachments to accommodate furniture with higher clearances such as single pedestal desks or tables.

Single Pedestal Attachment

Table Lift Attachment

Heavy Duty for Appliances & Machinery

Also known as equipment movers or machinery movers, these dollies have a rugged construction and a low profile platform to slide under heavy items such as industrial machines, safes, furniture, and appliances. Use these dollies in pairs.

Hand-Crank Lifting Dollies

Steering Handle Hydraulic-Jack Lifting Dollies

Adjustable Fork Hydraulic-Jack Lifting Dollies