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Manual Lever Chain Hoists

Manual Lever Chain Hoists

Move a load vertically and horizontally with these compact hoists, also known as lever pullers, ratchet hoists, and come-alongs. The lever allows you to move the load up or down to position where needed, and control the speed of the lift. The hoists quickly let out chain when not loaded so you can easily attach the lift chain to a load. They meet ANSI/ASME B30.21.


Take these miniature manual pull chain hoists wherever they are needed for on-demand lifting and pulling tasks, or fit them in tight spaces. These durable hoists are equipped with alloy steel chain, and include a Weston Brake system for secure load lifting.

Gamut Approved Hoists — Chrome Plated Steel Body

Harrington Hoists — Powder Coated Aluminum Body

General Purpose

Lift and pull loads in a wide range of construction, mining, fabrication, and transport applications with these hoists. They include Grade 80 alloy chain, and have a braking mechanism for control of loads during operation.

Gamut Approved Hoists

Painted Iron Body with Weston Brake

Chrome Plated Iron Body with Precise-Positioning Double-Disc Brake

Gamut Approved Hoists with Overload Protection

Powder Coated Steel Body with Ratchet & Pawl Brake

Chrome Plated Steel Body with Ratchet & Pawl Brake

Heavy Duty

Tackle demanding industrial lifting and pulling applications with these rugged, strong hoists. They come with Grade 100 alloy chain for higher tensile strength than Grade 80 lifting chain, and have a fully enclosed dual Weston Brake system to help prevent moisture and debris from affecting the hoist.

Harrington Hoists

Painted Steel Body & Hook with Safety Latch

Painted Steel Body & Shipyard Hook with Safety Latch

Harrington Hoists with Overload Protection

Painted Steel Body & Hook with Safety Latch