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Manual Lifting Magnets

Manual Lifting Magnets

Lift, move, and position ferrous metals like iron and steel quickly and efficiently using these ceramic magnets. For large materials, they typically only require a single person to move the material, unlike hoists, slings, and other lifting equipment which can require multiple personnel. For small, bulk materials, they also help increase safety by picking up multiple items with sharp edges without workers having to come into direct contact with them. They have a handle to provide a sure grip when handling raw materials, equipment, and small bulk items such as screws and washers.

Permanent Magnets with Handle

Securely hold heavy metal items like beams and doors when lifting or moving, or remove items from tanks and other hard-to-reach locations. These durable magnets are heat- and corrosion-resistant and are for use in wet or dry areas.

Handle Magnet — 300 ° F Maximum Temperature

High-Temperature Handle Magnet — 400 ° F Maximum Temperature

Corrosion-Resistant Handle Magnet — 300 ° F Maximum Temperature

Permanent Magnets with Ergonomic Handle

The ergonomically designed handle and lightweight plastic housing on these magnets let you comfortably move heavy metal objects. Their durable, strong magnets are heat- and corrosion-resistant and are for use in wet or dry areas. When not in use, the included shield prevents unwanted attraction making it easy to store in toolboxes.

Light-Duty Release-Lever Magnets for Bulk Materials

Pick up and move small metal parts like nails and screws, then pull the lever to turn the magnet off and release them. Ideal for preventing cuts on your hands from grabbing sharp items, these magnets easily access bins, floors, and hard-to-reach areas.

Release-Lever Magnets

Lift heavy metal sheets and parts as well as hot metal pieces directly from cutting or machining tables using these magnets. They easily release materials by disengaging the lever and have a lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminum housing, making them a good choice for most industrial environments.

Trigger Release Handle

D-Shape Flip Release Handle