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Manual Stretch Wrap Dispensers

Manual Stretch Wrap Dispensers

Best for occasional use, these stretch wrap dispensers allow you to smoothly and easily roll out film around a load.

Pistol Grip

Roll out wide stretch wrap, typically between 12 to 20 inches wide, with these handheld pistol grip dispensers that have an ergonomic grip for controlled and comfortable use.


Tension Control

Stretch Bar

Textured Stretch Bar



Straight Handle

Quickly dispense narrow wrap, typically between 2 to 5 inches wide, using only one hand.

Bar Handle

Apply stretch wrap without having to bend and reach using these long-handled dispensers.

End Cap Inserts

Attach these end cap inserts to the cardboard core to get a good grip on your wrap for dispensing.

Rolling Frame

Easily move your dispenser around your largest loads using these dispensers on wheels. They allow you to use extra-wide wrap for quick wrapping with less operator fatigue than handheld dispensers.