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Metal Shelf Carts

Metal Shelf Carts

Transport and store material in demanding environments with these rugged metal shelving carts. Cart capacity is dependent on the equal distribution of contents.

Load-Securing Lipped Shelves

Keep items from sliding off during transit with these carts featuring lipped shelves.

2 Shelves — Powder-Coated Steel

Polypropylene Casters ((2) Swivel & (2) Rigid)

Polyurethane Casters ((2) Swivel & (2) Rigid)

Rubber Casters ((2) Swivel & (2) Rigid)

Polypropylene Casters (2 Rigid & 2 Swivel)

Polyurethane Casters (2 Rigid & 2 Swivel With Brake)

4 Shelves — Powder-Coated Steel

Phenolic Casters ((2) Swivel & (2) Rigid)

Polypropylene Casters (2 Rigid & 2 Swivel)

5 Shelves — Powder-Coated Steel

Polyurethane Casters (2 Rigid & 2 Swivel)

2 Shelves — Polished Stainless Steel

Polyurethane Casters ((2) Swivel & (2) Rigid)

Easy Load & Unload Flush Shelves

Conveniently slide heavy items on and off these carts, thanks to their flat shelves. The top shelf allows these carts to also serve as a mobile workspace.

2 Shelves — Powder-Coated Steel

2 Shelves — Aluminum

Combination Lipped & Flush Shelves

These carts have a top shelf that has at least one flush side for convenient loading and unloading, and bottom shelves that are lipped to help prevent items from sliding off during transit.

2 Shelves — Powder-Coated Steel

2 Shelves — Stainless Steel

Adjustable-Height Shelves

Adjust the shelves on these carts to fit your needs. Shelves can be adjusted in 1-inch increments.

2 Shelves— Powder-Coated Steel

4 Shelves— Powder-Coated Steel

2 Shelves— Zinc Plated Steel

2 Shelves— Stainless Steel

4 Shelves— Stainless Steel

Heavy-Duty Vented Shelves

For demanding industrial or warehouse applications, these rugged steel carts are made of tubing to permit air circulation, and won't collect dust the way solid shelves can.

2 Powder-Coated, Steel Shelves


Shock-Absorbent Non-Slip Shelves

Also known as instrument carts, these products have non-slip matting on the shelves and shock-absorbing pneumatic casters to keep sensitive items secure during transit.

2 Shelves — Powder-Coated Steel

3 Shelves — Powder-Coated Steel