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Pallet Trucks

Pallet Trucks

Also known as pallet pumps and pallet jacks, these trucks allow workers to transport heavy pallets and containers around your facility with ease. Pump these trucks up to raise the forks off the ground, allowing your load to ride over bumps and rough terrain smoothly for efficient moving, maneuvering, and loading. They are a manual alternative to forklifts for everyday material handling needs.

General Purpose

The fork configuration and manual hydraulic lift pump on these pallet trucks let you efficiently lift, position, and transport pallets in your everyday operations.

Standard Width — Blue Steel Frame

Standard Width — Red Steel Frame

Narrow Width — Red Steel Frame

Long Reach — Red Steel Frame

Adjustable Width Forks

Accommodate both standard and narrow pallets with an outer fork range of 21" to 27" with the adjustable fork width on these pallet trucks. Adjust the forks by loosening and retightening the adjustment bolts with an L-key.

Blue/Gray Steel Frame

Low Profile

Easily move pallets with low ground clearance using these trucks. They have lower minimum fork heights than other pallet trucks, so you can accommodate most pallet types in your warehouse or facility.

Red Steel Frame

Quiet Operation

Operating at a maximum of 60 dB, these pallet trucks are commonly used in environments such as hospitals, labs, and other areas where noise needs to be kept to a minimum.

Red Steel Frame

Corrosion Resistant

Designed for environments with frequent washdowns, these trucks have corrosion-resistant frames and nylon wheels, which are able to withstand water, cleaning solutions, solvents, and other mild chemicals.

Galvanized Steel — Low Temperature

Galvanized Steel

Stainless Steel

Quick Lift

Reduce repetitive pumping to lift loads with these quick-lift pallet trucks. They achieve full height in 5 pumps for loads 450 lbs or lighter, and in 12 pumps for loads more than 450 lbs.

Red Steel Frame

With Hand Brake

Control the speed of loads when going up or down ramps, and help reduce back, arm, and leg strain when handling heavy loads using these pallet trucks with a fingertip-operated brake on the steering handle.

Red Steel Frame

With Foot Pump for Confined Spaces

Use the foot pump on these pallet trucks for moving loads in tight spaces such as narrow aisles, truck trailers, or other areas with insufficient clearance to use the standard hand pump.

Red/Black Steel Frame

For Rough Surfaces

Drive loads over rough or uneven terrain like gravel, broken concrete, and other outdoor surfaces using these trucks that have pneumatic tires on a lightweight tubular steel frame to provide a combination of shock absorption and durability.

Yellow Steel Frame

With Scale

Weigh material on the go and cut out a trip to a stationary scale to maximize efficiency using the integral scale with an easy-to-read backlit LCD display on these trucks.

Red Steel Frame


Also known as 4-way pallet trucks or dual-direction pallet trucks, these trucks not only move loads forward and back, but also have a second set of perpendicular load rollers that, when engaged by raising the truck to its full height, move the truck side to side. This gives you maximum flexibility of movement for jobs like lining up pallets along a wall or when space is constrained such as in a narrow aisle or truck trailer.

Red Steel Frame

4-Way Access

The low profile of these pallet trucks allow entry to both the standard and side openings of four-way pallets for easy access from any side.

Red/Black Steel Frame

For Tall Loads

A sturdy steel backrest is attached to these pallet trucks to provide added support and stability to tall loads or high stacks and help prevent them from moving during transport.

Red/Black Steel Frame