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Panel Trucks

Panel Trucks

Also known as drywall carts, these trucks have a rugged vertical frame that is designed to support long, thin, panel-shaped items such as drywall, plywood, glass, and tables during transport.

Sloped Frame

Keep panels in place during transport with these trucks that have a sloped frame that helps to balance heavy loads and tilted or curved lip platform for extra security.

Plastic Deck & Steel Frame

2,000 lb Maximum Load Capacity

Vertical Rail-Frame

Also known as vertical panel trucks or vertical panel movers, these panel trucks have vertical rail frames to support the length and height of panels, lumber, mattresses, and other bulky, large items during transport.

Steel Open Frame Deck & Steel Frame

Steel Open-Frame Carpeted Deck & Steel Frame

Steel Solid Deck & Steel Frame

Steel Perforated Deck & Steel Frame

Steel Solid Roller-Edge Deck & Steel Frame

Plastic Solid Deck & Steel Frame

Vertical Rail-Frame for Round Panels

Designed to help prevent round panels or circular folding tables from rolling off while being transported, these trucks have a cutout in the bottom of the frame that cradles the outer rim of round materials and vertical rails support the length and height. They can also be used with standard rectangular panels and tables.

Steel Roll-On Open Frame Deck — 2 Rails

Steel Open Frame Deck — 3 Rails

Load Securing Vertical Rail-Frame

Secure large, bulky items on these panel trucks using E-fitting straps. These trucks have 4 integral E-fitting anchors, allowing you to attach straps to the front and side of the platform to secure large materials such as stacked boxes, totes, or furniture during transport. You can also attach connector strap E-fittings to connect multiple units together. They have removable vertical rail frames to support the length and height of panels during transport.

Open Grip-Top Plastic Deck & Steel Frame

Black Deck

Red Deck


Place panels on either side of the A-frame trucks to keep them separate and secure. The A-frame allows the panels to lean toward the center of the truck for good stability, and has a high frame structure for supporting large panels.

Lipped Solid Steel Deck & Steel Frame

2,000 lb Maximum Load Capacity

Convertible A-Frame

Fold down the compartments, surfaces, and arms of these A-frame trucks for additional storage and work areas beyond its double-sided panel carrying capacity. The folding arms carry long, thin items such as bar stock, pipes, and conduit, and the top folds down to form a shelf for carrying tools and other supplies. You can create different configurations on each side of the truck depending on your job.

Plastic Deck & Steel Frame

Light Duty Cross-Width Frame

Also known as carton trucks, the wire frame on these trucks is configured into compartments for the storage and transport of small and lightweight materials, most commonly with shipping boxes.

Single Level Steel Deck & Steel Frame

Dual Level Adjustable Steel Deck & Steel Frame