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Paper Merchandise Bags

Paper Merchandise Bags

Paper merchandise bags are biodegradable, recyclable sacks commonly used in retail settings to hold items such as groceries and hardware. They keep loose items contained for carrying and fold flat for compact storage.

Grocery Style

Grocery-style paper bags stand up on their own and have sides that expand as the bag is filled. They're often used for transporting groceries, packing lunches, and collecting garden clippings.


Heavy Duty

Extra-Heavy Duty

Extra-Heavy Duty with Handle

Shopping Bags with Handles

Shopping bags with handles are made from paper with a higher basis weight than grocery-style bags to hold heavier items. They have twisted paper handles for transport, a flat bottom that allows them to stand up on their own, and sides that expand as the bag is filled.

Flat with Seamed Bottom

Flat, seamed-bottom bags hold slim items such as magazines and cards or small items such as fasteners and bottles. They protect contents from dirt and abrasion, and their pinched seam forms a secure seal on the bottom of the bag.

Pinched Bottom Seam

Pinched Bottom Seam with Expandable Sides