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Pipe, Bar, & Cantilever Rack Components

Pipe, Bar, & Cantilever Rack Components

Modify an existing cantilever rack to expand its storage capacity or create a custom cantilever rack that fits your facility's needs with these components.


Add braces between the upright columns of your cantilever racks to ensure they're evenly spaced and to increase the rack's stability. Order two braces for 8-foot columns and three braces for 10- and 12-foot columns.


Install arms into cantilever rack columns to provide support for stored items, or add more arms to an existing rack to increase the rack's storage capacity. The arms can be moved up or down the column as needed to accommodate larger items.

Straight Arm With Lip Bracket


Pair two upright columns to create a cantilever rack, or add more upright columns to an existing cantilever rack so it can hold longer items. They have slots for installing arms to support items stored on the rack.