Sling Accessories

Sling Accessories

Support your lifting operations with sling accessories such as pads and hooks.

Wear Pads

Protect your slings and the loads they carry with these pads that help prevent abrasion and sharp edges from wearing down or slicing the sling.

Hook & Loop Strap Extra-Long Single-Sided Pad

Heavy Duty Nylon Webbing

Slide-On Sewn Sleeve

Standard Duty Nylon Webbing

Hook & Loop Quick-Attach Sleeve

Standard Duty Nylon Webbing

Standard Duty Polyester Webbing

Heavy Duty Polyester Felt

Hooks for Round & Web Slings

Attach a hook to a round or web sling for more versatility in rigging your lifting operations. Hooks have a slot designed to fit the width of a web or round sling, a safety latch to help prevent the load from slipping off the hook, and are color-coded to easily match the appropriate hook to the sling's load capacity.