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Tire Chains & Traction Mats

Tire Chains & Traction Mats

Get traction in slippery, snowy, or off-road conditions. Tire chains and mats provide grip and work with your vehicle's drive wheels to get your vehicle moving through harsh road conditions.

General Purpose Chains

A good choice for on-road use, steep grades, and deep snow, these ladder-style steel link chains go across the tire tread for excellent traction. The cross chains have a metal V on each chain link, known as V-bar chains, for improved traction as well as better braking and control. All require tensioning chains for correct installation.

Highway Service V-Bar for Light Truck & SUV Tires

Highway Service Wide Base V-Bar for Light Truck & SUV Tires

Highway Service Dual/Triple V-Bar for Dual Light Truck Tires

Highway Service V-Bar for Larger Truck Tires

Tensioners for General Purpose Chains

Loose, improperly fitted tire chains can be worse than no chains. Hook the tensioner springs on your tire chains to ensure proper installation as well as to maintain correct placement and tension while in use. Required for installation of general purpose chains.

Light Truck & SUV

Larger Truck

Low-Clearance Chains

Also called Z-style, these traction chains require less space in the inside sidewall area of the tire than typical chains. The chains cross the tire treads diagonally and offer greater durability and traction than general purpose chains, as well as performing well with electronically-monitored control systems such as anti-lock brakes, traction control, and AWD (all-wheel drive) systems. Chain tensioners are included for installation and don't require retightening during use. Meet or exceed SAE Class S low clearance requirements.

Low-Profile Diagonal Cable

For Passenger Tires

For Pickup & SUV Tires

Ultra Low-Profile Diagonal Cable

For Passenger, Pickup, & SUV Tires

For Large Pickups & SUV, Small & Medium Commercial Truck Tires

Traction Mats

Slide these durable plastic mats against your vehicle's drive tires to temporarily gain the extra traction needed to get free of snow, mud, or sand. Their compact size makes them easy to keep in your vehicle until needed.