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Tool Aprons & Vests

Tool Aprons & Vests

Wear these aprons and vests to protect your clothing from dust, debris, and splashes. They have pockets or loops that keep your tools within easy reach while freeing your hands for other tasks.

Full Aprons

Tie on these aprons to protect the front of the body from the chest to about the knee. They have straps that fasten around your neck or shoulders and waist.

Waist Aprons

These aprons cover the lower body from the waist to about the middle of the thigh. They keep the weight of your tools on your hips and are typically less bulky than tool pouches.


Get full coverage for your back and chest and distribute the weight of your tools evenly across your back and shoulders with these vests. They provide more upper-body coverage than full aprons and distribute the weight of the tools more evenly across the torso.