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Tool Lanyard Accessories

Tool Lanyard Accessories

Use these accessories to secure tools to lanyards and attach lanyards to tool belts.

Tool Tails

Affix tails on tools to provide an attachment point for connecting the tools to lanyards. The tails must be secured to the tool using tool tail tape or wraps.

Without Stretch Cord

With Stretch Cord

Heat-Shrink Wraps with Tool Tail

Use the built-in tool tail on these wraps to connect lanyards to tools. Simply slip the plastic wrap onto a tool's handle and position it as desired. Then shrink the wrap with a heat gun until it fits snugly against the handle. When the wrap has completely cooled, tug on the tail's D-ring to make sure it's secure.

Cold-Shrink Wraps for Tool Tails

These cold-shrink wraps securely attach tails to tools without using a heat gun. Install a tool tail on the tool handle, and slide the spooled wrap over the handle and tail. Then uncoil the spool to allow the wrap to compress and secure the tail to the tool. Tool tail not included.

Tool Tail Tape

Hold tool tails securely on your tools with this tape. Cut off the length of tape that suits your tool, install the tool tail on the tool handle, and then wrap the tape around the tool handle and tail, making sure to pull and stretch the tape as you wrap for a snug fit. The tape also helps improve your grip on the tool when holding the handle. Tool tail not included.

Self-Adhesive Tool Tail Tape

Heat-Sealed Tool Tail Tape

Power Tool & Tape Measure Wraps

Wrap these products around tape measures or the base of a cordless power tool to provide an attachment point for securing the item to a lanyard.