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Tote Lids

Tote Lids

Secure the contents of your totes and keep debris out with these durable lids. They are easy to put on and take off, allowing quick access to tote contents.

For General Purpose Totes

Protect your general-purpose tote contents from dust and dirt using these lids. They also help prevent items from accidentally falling out of your tote, especially when used on conveyors. These lids are designed for stacking, making them a good choice when you need to conserve space in your warehouse or facility.

Fiberglass — Blue

Fiberglass — Gray

Fiberglass — Red

Plastic — Gray

For Totes with Divider Slots

Keep the contents of your totes with divider slots protected and visible with these clear lids. They fit on top of the bin so you get a tight fit even when using dividers. The lids have molded corner guides for stacking and snap on for a secure hold.

Plastic — Clear