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Wagon Trucks

Wagon Trucks

Maneuver heavy loads around corners and in tight spaces with these wagon trucks. Typically pulled instead of pushed, these trucks have a front-mounted handle that helps you smoothly guide the load without the friction created when pushing. They're often used in manufacturing facilities and landscaping applications.

Load-Securing Lipped Deck

A raised lip around the perimeter of the platform helps prevent materials from sliding off while the wagon truck is in motion.

Offset Single Handle

Solid Rubber Wheels

Pneumatic Wheels


Pneumatic Wheels

Easy-Load Flush Deck

Slide heavy or bulky objects on and off the flat deck of these wagon trucks without interference from a retaining lip.

T-Handle with Steel Deck

Mold-on Rubber Wheels

Pneumatic Wheels

T-Handle with Structural Foam Deck

Thermoplastic Rubber Wheels

Pneumatic Wheels

Load-Securing Flow-Through Vented Deck

Debris and liquids easily flow through the mesh or perforated decks of these wagon trucks in dirty or wet environments and allow for easy cleaning. The raised lip keeps items from falling off during transport.

Perforated Deck Wagon Truck with Offset Single Handle

Solid Rubber Wheels

Pneumatic Wheels

Perforated Deck Wagon Truck with D-Handle

Pneumatic Wheels

Perforated Deck Side-Panel Wagon Truck with D-Handle

Pneumatic Wheels


Collapse the steel frame of these trucks so they take up less space when not in use for easy storage. The frame retracts from front to back, and the basket of these wagon trucks is made of polyester fabric that is easy to clean and suitable for light duty tasks.

D-Handle with Solid Rubber Wheels

D-Handle with Rough-Tread Plastic Wheels

Towable Easy-Load Flush Deck

Connect these trucks with an integral tow ring in the handle to vehicles for powered towing applications. An excellent choice for heavy or bulky items, these trucks have a flush surface that allow materials to be easily slid on and off.

T-Handle with Towing Eye & Pneumatic Wheels