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Wall-Mount Shelving Kits

Wall-Mount Shelving Kits

Install shelving on your walls so you can store items without taking up floor space.

Open Wire Shelving Kits

These kits have wire shelves that minimize dust accumulation and allow air and light to pass through the shelves. The kits include two posts for mounting the shelving to a wall and brackets to support the shelves.

Chrome-Plated Steel

Number of Shelves: 1

Number of Shelves: 2

Number of Shelves: 3

Solid Shelving Kits

No need to worry about small items, spills, or debris falling through the shelves in these kits. The solid shelf surface wipes down quickly and doesn't have openings or protrusions to snag boxes or trap dirt. Mounting brackets are included for attaching the shelving to a wall.


Number of Shelves: 1

Galvanized Steel

Number of Shelves: 1

Stainless Steel

Number of Shelves: 1