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Winch Accessories

Winch Accessories

Set up and operate your winch safely and efficiently with accessories such as remote controls, power cables, and roller guides for winch cable.

Remote Controls

Control your winch's functionality from a distance by installing these remote controls on a compatible winch.

Wired Remote Control — Toggle Switch

Wireless Remote Control — Push Button Switch

Wireless Remote Control — Push Button with Emergency Stop Switch

Power Connection Kits for DC Winches

Make quick connections to your vehicle's battery to power DC winches with these cables. Choose a kit compatible with your winch and position on your vehicle.

For Warn Winches

For Superwinch Winches

Roller Guides for Winch Cable

Also known as fairleads or tensioners, these roller guides attach to your winch to help guide winch lines as they reel in and out from the winch drum. They promote good wrapping of winch lines by reducing kinking and friction, which helps to extend the operating life of the line.

Roller Guide

Cable Tensioner Roller Guide

Rigging Kits

These kits provide the necessary equipment for successful winching operations with a variety of accessories to meet your application's needs.

Quick Response Winch Strap Kit

Medium Duty Winch Accessory Kit

Heavy Duty Winch Accessory Kit