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Wire Rope Slings

Wire Rope Slings

Choose wire rope slings for an economical, abrasion resistant, and lightweight lifting option. With an independent wire rope core (IWRC), the wire rope resists crushing and is highly durable. An attached identification tag displays load capacity and material construction to help avoid misidentification.

Eye & Eye

With preconfigured eyes on each end secured by swaged fittings, these slings can be easily used in basket, choker, and vertical lifting configurations. Also referred to as double-eye slings, their durable construction resists abrasion and damage.

Abrasion-Resistant — 6 x 19 IWRC Wire Rope

Imported Wire Rope

Domestic Wire Rope

Corrosion-Resistant Improved-Flexibility — Galvanized 7 x 7 x 7 GAC Wire Rope

Domestic Wire Rope


Add increased support and load balance for lifting jobs that require extra support points. These bridle slings consist of two legs connected to a single eye.

Two Leg Bridle — Abrasion-Resistant 6 x 19 IWRC Wire Rope