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Wire Spool Carts & Caddies

Wire Spool Carts & Caddies

Ensure you have the type of spooled wire or other reeled material on hand wherever you need it. These caddies and carts have frames that provide storage and transportation of multiple spools.

2-Wheel Tilt-Style Dispensing Carts

These hand-truck-style carts have 2 wheels so you can tilt the cart to transport multiple spools of material around your worksite vertically and then lay them down horizontally for dispensing. They have a durable powder-coated steel construction that stands up to wear and moisture.

Horizontal Dispensing Spool Cart

Horizontal/Vertical Dispensing Spool Cart

Vertical Dispensing Spool Cart

Vertical Dispensing Cart & Hand Caddy

Vertical Dispensing Folding Spool Cart

Rack Style Dispensing Carts

Multiple independent spindles across these rack-style carts let you quickly access specific spools for loading, replacing, and dispensing. Wire guides prevent tangles and casters with brakes keep the cart stationary while in use. They have a durable powder coated steel construction that stands up to wear and moisture.

Storage & Dispensing Carts

Also known as electricians carts, these have high spool capacity along with additional storage options to allow you to transport everything you need for a variety of jobs. All are powder-coated steel for durability and corrosion resistance. Locks on the swivel casters keep the cart in place when dispensing.

Spool Cart with Louvered Panels

Cart with Top Shelf & Front Storage

Spool Cart with Top Shelf, Cabinet, & Front Storage

Handheld Caddies

Small yet durable, these caddies offer convenient handheld transport of spools for smaller jobs around your facility or jobsite.

Freestanding Caddies

These wheel-free, stationary spool caddies can be used in either a horizontal or vertical position. If needed, they can be moved by two people using the integral handholds. They have rubber-coated wire feed holes that are accessible when used in the horizontal position to prevent snags and tangles.