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Wrapping & Fill Papers

Wrapping & Fill Papers

Wrap items in packaging paper for an added layer of protection during shipping. Use the remaining paper to fill in empty gaps in shipping containers to help prevent items from shifting and provide additional cushioning.

General Purpose Packing Paper

Quickly fill any size space in a box or wrap an oddly-shaped item using a general purpose paper, also known as kraft paper.

30 lb Paper Basis Weight

40 lb Paper Basis Weight

50 lb Paper Basis Weight

60 lb Paper Basis Weight

Flame Retardant Packing Paper

Help protect shipments from catching fire and comply with flame-retardant policies in offices or classrooms when wrapping electrical, automotive, or other sensitive items using this flame-retardant paper.

80 lb Paper Basis Weight

Light Duty Tissue Paper for Delicate Items

Cushion fragile items such as glasses and dishes during transit and fill voids in boxes using this lightweight, soft paper. Thinner than other wrapping and fill papers, tissue paper is a good choice for filling the voids in small packages and helping to keep package weights down.

30 lb Paper Basis Weight

FDA Approved Wrapping Paper for Food Handling

Commonly used for wrapping and preserving foods in restaurants and commercial kitchens, use these versatile FDA-approved papers to protect food during transit and storage. For general food handling, such as for deli meats and other prepared foods, choose the 40 lb weight paper, which is also known as butcher paper. For freezing meats and fish, use the 45 lb weight paper, also known as freezer paper. This paper is coated on one side to help keep moisture contained within the wrap while also helping to prevent liquids from escaping.

40 lb Paper Basis Weight

45 lb Paper Basis Weight

Coated Wrapping Paper for Moisture Resistance

Protect shipments from water, oil, and grease leaks with this paper that is poly-coated on one side. The poly coating better contains seepage than regular paper when wrapping greasy items such as mechanical and automotive parts.

50 lb Paper Basis Weight