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Adhesion Testers

Adhesion Testers

Test the bonding strength of the protective paint or coating on your industrial structures with these adhesion testers. They measure the amount of pressure it takes to pull off a coating sample from the base surface, allowing you to assess the integrity of the coating and future maintenance needs.


Manually pump the hydraulic adhesion tester to measure the force it takes to pull off a paint or coating sample.


Powered by the push of a button, these electronic hydraulic pumps exert a steady and consistent pull-off pressure for a reliable adhesion test and to reduce manual effort.

Adhesion-Tester Dollies

Replace the dolly in an adhesion tester after use. Dollies bond to the paint or coating of a surface using an adhesive, and then are pulled off to measure the strength of adhesion.

Accessory Kits

Use these large-diameter-dolly accessory kits to calculate coating bond strength on masonry substrates (such as concrete) and other substrates that may be affected by the pulling force of the tester. A large dolly diameter provides lower tensile force than standard 20 mm dollies, so you won't apply too much force to low-bond-strength coatings. These kits include the items needed for adhesion pull-off tests such as test dollies, stand-offs for various dolly sizes, and hole saws.