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Automotive A/C Testing

Automotive A/C Testing

Repair and help prevent leaks, warm air, and other automobile A/C system issues using this equipment.

Clutch Tool Kits

Remove or install the compressor clutch of a vehicle's A/C system for repair or replacement with these all-in-one kits.

Repair Kits

Repair your vehicle's A/C system using these seals, gaskets, valve cores, and other assorted parts.

Flush Hoses

Use these hoses with a flush canister gun to clear contaminants, residue, and debris from your vehicle's A/C system.

Flush Kits & Aerosol Refills

Clear refrigerant residue and other contaminants using these flush kits.

Inline Filters

Add these narrow filters to the refrigerant line of your A/C system to trap debris and keep it from circulating through the system.

Vacuum Pumps

Eliminate residual moisture from refrigerant lines after repair, installation, or inspection to help prevent water from freezing in the lines using these vacuum pumps.

Line Fittings

Connect, redirect, or terminate refrigerant lines with these assorted fittings.