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Combustion Analyzers

Combustion Analyzers

Verify efficient combustion or identify combustion problems in furnaces, boilers, and other fuel-fired appliances with combustion analyzers. Use them to measure the temperature and take gas readings at the flue of an appliance to confirm proper operation or diagnose problems such as high levels of hazardous gases, low fuel pressure, back-drafting, flue obstructions, or a cracked heat exchanger. Ideal for HVAC technicians, maintenance staff, and home inspectors.

Combustion Analyzers

Test flue gas, also called exhaust gas, from furnaces and other fuel-fired appliances with these analyzers. They measure combustion efficiency and the levels of carbon monoxide, oxygen, and other gases present in the flue gas to help you determine whether an appliance is operating properly. They're commonly used when adjusting the flame of an appliance to achieve an optimal air-to-fuel ratio.

Particle Filters & Water Traps

Protect the internal components of compatible combustion analyzers with filters and water traps. They remove water and particles from samples before they can clog your analyzer and cause inaccurate readings.

Probes & Sensors

Use these components to replace worn or lost sensors or probes on a compatible combustion analyzer. Sensors detect specific gases in flue samples and probes extend into a flue to collect gas samples.


Document test results by printing data from a compatible combustion analyzer with these small, battery-operated printers. The printouts can be used to analyze trends and provide a record for your files or your customers.

Printer Paper & Ribbon

Load printer paper and ribbons into a compatible printer for a combustion analyzer so you can print a hard copy of the analyzer's test results.

Indicator Fluid Refill Kits

Use these refill kits to replace spent indicator fluids in your gas analyzer to maintain the accuracy of the analyzer's readings. The fluids are used with a compatible combustion analyzer to determine gas levels in a sample.

Fyrite Fluid

Repair Kit

Aspirator Assemblies & Valves

Move gas samples in and out of a compatible gas analyzer with sampling hose assemblies. Use aspirator valves to replace worn or missing valves on the sampling hose assembly.