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Automotive Combustion Analyzers

Automotive Combustion Analyzers

Measure the combustion efficiency of your motor vehicle, or how efficiently it converts fuel to energy, using these combustion analyzers and accessories.

Combustion Analyzers

Test exhaust gas, also known as flue gas, for the presence of gases such as carbon monoxide to check the combustion efficiency of your vehicle and calibrate it for optimal fuel economy.

Particle Filters & Water Traps

Help prevent water or particles from contaminating your combustion analyzer with these accessories.

Probes & Sensors

Use these components with a combustion analyzer to collect and help measure gases contained in an exhaust gas sample.


Print data collected by compatible combustion analyzer models with these small, battery-operated printers.

Printer Paper & Ribbon

Make sure your combustion analyzer printer is ready to use when you need it by keeping a supply of replacement printer-paper rolls or printer ribbon on hand.

Indicator Fluid Refill Kits

Refill the indicator fluid in your combustion analyzer to ensure it is efficiently absorbing and measuring gas concentration within a sample.

Fyrite Fluid

Repair Kit

Aspirator Assemblies & Valves

Move sample gas in and out of a combustion analyzer.