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Bench & Floor Scales

Bench & Floor Scales

Find a variety of scales from small bench scales for weighing light items to large floor scales for weighing pallets of goods.


These dial-style mechanical scales are easily carried for quick weighing in applications such as shipping and receiving. They do not need a power source.

Balanced-Weight Bench

Choose mechanical balanced-weight scales for a variety of basic weighing applications in which items are weighed using a counterweight method.

Digital Bench

Place these digital scales on a laboratory counter or work bench for more precise weighing results than with mechanical scales. They feature an easy-to-read LCD screen.

Shielded Bench

Shield the weighing surface on scales from sudden drafts that could disrupt a sample and impact accuracy while performing sensitive, highly precise weighing applications.



Use these versatile scales in a variety of industrial applications. They feature a low profile weighing platform for placing on the floor or a bench and a display that is typically offset from the base with a bracket.

Body Weight Measurement Floor

Designed to fit in small spaces like bathrooms or doctor's offices, these floor scales measure body weight by standing directly on them.

Shipping & Receiving

Keep these portable scales in your shipping and receiving department for quick, accurate results.