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Commonly used to inspect the interior of machined parts, these tools fit through small holes to identify critical flaws or to rule out problems, preventing unnecessary and costly repairs.


Thread these borescopes through a hole or tight space to inspect inaccessible areas of parts or equipment to detect flaws or defects. These tools have a lens and magnifier attached to a long tube that reaches deep into small spaces.

Wireless Video Borescopes

Send live video from the borescope to your computer or other device without the need for wires. Remote viewing enables others to see what is on the borescope monitor easily and allows for a larger view when sent to a larger monitor. Use with a borescope wireless receiver (sold separately).

Borescope Wireless Receivers

Use these receivers with a wireless video borescope to stream live video to your computer without wires.

Borescope Cables & Probes

Get additional length when inspecting with a borescope by using these cables and probes of various lengths.

Borescope Accessories

Select from a variety of accessories to enhance your borescopes and cameras.