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Box Beam Levels

Box Beam Levels

Ensure that house framing, door jambs, cabinets, and other construction elements are aligned horizontally and vertically using these rugged box beam levels. Good for use in areas where impact and dropping may be an issue, they consist of a long, rigid, box-shaped frame and bubble vials for quick measurements.

Manual Magnetic

Attach these box beam levels to magnetic surfaces for hands-free use.

Manual Nonmagnetic

Use these manual nonmagnetic box beam levels to align structures that don't require a magnetic box level, such as when working with wood or stainless steel. They are a good choice when doing tasks such as framing, cabinet making, or installing flooring. These devices have magnified vials for visibility.

Digital Magnetic

With an easy-to-read LCD screen, these digital levels measure inclination angles, check plumb and level, and provide different units of measure depending on your application. They lock the measurement on the screen for easy reference, and attach magnetically to metallic surfaces for hands-free use.

Digital Nonmagnetic

Easily check level, plumb, and inclination angles with these digital nonmagnetic box beam levels. The numerical measurement display can be read easily from different viewing angles.